Tony Lopes developed a passion for cartooning as a child. While most other children his age were playing outside, Lopes preferred to sit in his bedroom studying the art from Warner Bros. and Don Martin cartoons.

Lopes sold his first cartoon at the age of 16 to a niche publication called Sky & Space magazine. The Editor at the time, Jonathon Nally, recalls the meeting: "He was a nervous, pimply and kind of dorky teenager, but I used his cartoons anyway."

After studying fine arts, Lopes began the arduous task of making cartooning a career. It proved difficult at the start. He supplemented his career by becoming a wedding photographer. It was during this time that the idea for a single panel, floating theme cartoon was brewing in his head. He commenced drawing Insanity Streak and mailed out countless samples. Persistence was the key to his success and he now jokingly displays a file containing well over 200 rejection slips... he is only now just finishing therapy.

Lopes lives in Sydney's southern suburbs with his wife Lori and two sons Isaac and Thomas. When he's not busy on the strip he enjoys photography, kayaking and soft cheeses. While firmly entrenched in his career of making people laugh, he can still be seen observing human nature and Lori - the similarities, he claims, are uncanny.

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