Hi there Streak Freaks, firstly I would like to send my heartfelt thanks to all those who entered the 2017 Stoneytoons Caption Contest. This year, over 800 entries from 8 countries was received, a brilliant response that once again shows the engaging capacity of comic strips.

The standard of captioning was brilliant and it was no easy task sifting through the entries. This year was the most difficult year deciding a winner since commencing the CC in 2011.

We know humour is subjective and what is one persons Guffaw often falls flat on others. With such a large volume to sift through, the odds are against you. If any readers feel hard done by, it just may be that your caption was not unique… 
We had an inordinate amount of captions mentioning  “ draught excluders “ and lots of lines "about look what the cat dragged in “.
Many factors determine if your caption was considered by the cronies here at Stoneytoons HQ. 

Nonetheless I'm sure you'll agree these finalists below are all worthy winners!

And now…the envelope please….



Con Tsourtos  from Adelaide AUSTRALIA 

This caption made the judges laugh out loud. Firstly, It was completely unique. The humour had several elements that engaged the viewer. From the understated succinct response from the woman, to the completely absurd situation where as readers,
\you are asked to visualise how, where and why an Elephant would be using a litter box - this made the pay–off of this particular joke a winner.

Con wins the signed original artwork, a limited edition signed art print, a personally inscribed  “ Striving for Quantity” book, $100 iTunes Voucher, 10 x greeting cards, 

and a packet of my favourite biscuits that I like to have with my morning coffee plus the daily cartoon in his inbox for 1 year. Not to mention the fame!

Well done Con!

Honourable mentions go to the following participants, who will receive the daily cartoon in their inbox for 1 year.

These are in no particular order….


Ron Gray
Darwin, Australia
I see you have made friends with our new neighbor’s Tarzan and Janes pet ‘
‘They do say opposites attract. I married you Fred ‘

Mark Lees
Isle Of Man 
‘No I don’t have a moment to talk about Jesus Christ!’

Kyal Shepard
Adelaide, Australia
"Have you come to apologise for sitting in front of me at the cinema?"

Tony Wheatley
Chichester, England,
"Don’t just stand there – fetch him a saucer of leaves!"
"It’s either a Ukrainian Levkoy or an Oriental Longhair."

Will Partridge
Gold Coast, Australia
“ Can I see the receipt for the Pest inspection honey?  "

Mike O'Mara
Cheshire, England
"I reckon that’s the culprit who was looking in our bedroom window last night"

Damian Ryan
Shellharbour, Australia

“I’m guessing that new cat food you bought was made in Africa”
“Check you hearing aid dear, I asked you to buy a scarf on eBay”
“That’s why they have a sign saying not to feed the giraffes Fred!”

Fred Cummings
Belfast, Northern Ireland
"Your sausage dog has lost its front legs!!"

Alan Hislop
Sydney Australia.
" No,Vertigo Sufferers Anonymous is next door."

Chris O'Connor
Nottinghamshire, England
Are you sure they sold you a pedigree short-legged, long necked African cat?

Paul Haslam
Rochdale, England
“You haven’t quite got the hang of Tinder have you ?”
“George, I know you love your job at the zoo but you have to stop bringing work home."
"Tiddles, don’t pay her a penny until you’ve had a DNA test"

Gary Clark
Brisbane, Australia
"No, sorry, this is Serengeti park rd, Moony Ponds. Try Serengeti park Rd Tanzania, 15,000km to the west."

Richard Johnswood
Adelaide, Australia
"The ad said, 'A year's supply of cat food.' I thought it would be in cans!"

Jim Gooley.
Sydney Australia
"That's weird - I'm very observant but I've never noticed FWIP on the wall before."

Paul Brennan
Sunshine Coast, Australia
"The man at the Zoo Closing Down Sale said good house pet. I just don’t see it."

Shaun N
ACT, Australia
"I guess you get that, living on the second floor!"

Grahame Morris
Canberra, Australia
"Can’t we get a proper tree pruner."

Cathy Wilkinson
Adelaide, Australia

John Brown,
Hobart Tasmania
"You should have seen the trouble we had getting her out of the tree!"

Miesha Collins
Bundaberg, Australia.
This is what happens when you cut down all the trees.


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