Hi there Streakers, 
Firstly I would like to send my heartfelt thanks to all those who entered the 2016 Stoneytoons Caption Contest. 
This year, over 800 entries from 8 countries were received, a brilliant response that once again shows the engaging capacity of comic strips.
The standard of captioning was brilliant and it was no easy task sifting through the entries. Participants all think the captions they enter are of the highest order, and when the judges don’t share their opinion they feel upset and disillusioned. Humour is subjective and what is one persons Guffaw often falls flat on others. Can you imagine sitting down at your computer over the course of two days and reading 800 captions?  With such a large volume to sift through, the odds are against you. The judges job is a difficult one.
If any readers feel hard done by, it just may be that your caption was not unique, or may have been too short, or too long, or too hairy… In fact this year, the common line seemed to incorporate Lisa being a Moaner? Who knew?
In any event, Many factors determine if your caption was considered by the crack staff here at Stoneytoons HQ. 
Nonetheless I'm sure you'll agree these finalists below are all worthy winners!
And now…the envelope please….
Daryl Keeley  from Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
The judges loved this caption. Short and succinct, and directly bringing together the relationship of this famous duo.
This caption made the judges laugh out loud, and was a clear winner.
Daryl wins an iTunes Voucher, the signed original artwork, a limited edition set of 5 signed Art prints, a personally inscribed  “ Striving for Quantity” book, 
a pack of greeting cards, and the daily cartoon in his inbox for 1 year.
Well done Daryl! This achievement will surely get you free drinks at your local!
Honourable mentions go to the following participants, who will receive the daily cartoon in their inbox for 1 year.
How did you react to your friends saying she was no oil painting?
Greg Bateman from Sydney, Australia
So Mona, you’re complaining Leonardo Hoghair - brushed your body to make you thinner?
Mark Whittaker from Oxford, England
REALLY....the "horse walked into a bar "one !?
Stephen Lees from Hobart, Australia
So paint me a picture, you have a time machine?
Kevin Ball from Hobart, Australia
I’ve heard you want this one hung in the loo
Doug Jones from Barossa valley, Australia
Now, Mr. Da Vinci, how did you... did you....excuse me… 
will you stop staring at me   like that?!
Arrish Shammen from Mayalsia
So about the rumours plaguing you two for centuries
Anne Margin from Sydney, Australia
So Leonardo - your cryogenics invention is a big success!!
Shannon Brooke from England
She looks larger in real life
Gary Crow from Sydney, Australia
So it was simply because you had just been to the dentist !?
John Walton from Brisbane, Australia
Are you two in Louvre, or is she just after Monet?
Julie Hinson from Peterborough, England
So Leonardo, have you learnt not to tell dad jokes to your subjects.
Rob Williams from Melbourne, Australia
So what do you do with her old paintings Leo ( nudge , nudge , wink , wink ) 
I will be happy to take them off your hands.
Ron Gray from Darwin, Australia
...and here with Leo, the winner of Da Vinci's Next Top Model...
Anthony Griffith from London, England
Your face looks familiar.
Barry Tighe from London, England
So, tell me again. Which one of the Ninja Turtles are you?
Damian Grimm from Whyalla. Australia
I see you had mixed emotions working with Leo?
Christopher Joseph from Gold Coast, Australia
So...what do you say to critics who say your art is dated.
Geoff Schnitzerling from England
Come on Mona, that was a great joke. Can’t you do better than that?
Joe Davidson from Newcastle, Australia
People love cats. Do you do cats?
Grahame Morris from Canberra, Australia
Liz Geyson from Gosford, Australia
You really do make your paintings come alive!
Jo Mitchell-Smith from Adelaide Australia
So how did the superglue get in her lipgloss?
Larry Martin from Brisbane, Australia
I enjoyed reading all the entries and look forward to another contest in 2017. Until we speak again, best regards and wishing you many more guffaws!
Tony Lopes.


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